Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rice/Hominy/Grits Croquettes

Carolina Indians working rice

In my Gran Mama's cookbook these croquettes are made exactly the same. Remember when I told Acadian settlers when they came well I'm gonna share a little history w/you. Although it began it's journey in Virginia it traveled south from the Carolinas to Louisiana with the slave trade. Louisiana rice was originally grown for home consumption
when farmers tossed rice seed into the wetlands near
bayous or ponds. (areas that couldn't be plowed)
It was called “providence rice” by harvesters that
were thankful from this casual method.Commercial
rice production began in the second half of the
19th century, helped along by the railroad, which
transported the crop to New Orleans.
Rice is the state’s second-largest agricultural export and the
state is the nation’s third-largest rice-producer. As a result Crowley has hosted the International Rice Festival annually since 1936. It draws more than 150,000 visitors from all over the world.
Louisiana’s rice farmers combine the best of rice farming practices along with conservation stewardship. In winter, water held on rice fields, can providing vital resting places plus a food source for migratory birds. Louisiana rice fields also support other of other wetland-dependent wildlife species. Enough history on w/the recipe.

1 cup rice/hominy/grits yolk of 4 eggs 
farina boiler
1 quart milk Salt and Pepper to taste

Wash the the rice.hominy/grits well (starch off) put it onto boil (after pressed through sieve) in milk in what was called a farina boiler (actually a big double boiler) If uncooked boil for about an hour if already cooked twenty minutes will do. When it becomes quite thick remove from heat and beat til very smooth completely mashing all the grains. Add the beaten eggs and cook for 8-10 minutes longer. @ this point one can add either savoy herbs or fruit of choice. Take off the heat when cool enough to handle form into cylinders 3 inches long by 1 & 1/2 inch thick. Roll in the egg whites & bread crumbs then fry in shortening/lard drain then serve w/daube (an inexpensive cut of meat braised) if savory. Or w/sugar & vanilla sauce if fruit added.
 Rice Croquettes with daube

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