Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grillades & grits

Grillades are a favorite cut of meat usually round which is cut into pieces each one roughly 6-8 inches each portion being called grillade. Season w/salt & pepper well maybe a touch of Cayenne, cover thoroughly making certain the seasoning permeates the meat. The way most familiar way is Panéed or breaded and is usually veal. The pieces are 4 inches for this.

get ready for the day!
I round steak or eye of round (tenderloin)
1/4 cup shortening
1 beaten egg
1/2 cup bread crumbs
Salt, Pepper , Cayenne

Cut into pieces, season well, beat egg soak each grillade well before rolling in or dusting w/the bread crumbs. (grating if they are fresh) Have the pan ready w/hot shortening deep enough for the grillades to swim in. fry till brown. Serve hot. This often is accompanied w/grits.

Here is a recipe in my Gran Mamas cookbook well before today's more thoroughly processed grits .

Yellow grits include the whole kernel, while white grits are hulled kernels.
2 cups grits
2 quarts water
2 tsps salt

Wash the grits in fresh cold water throw off the refuse then wash again and drain. Add the grits to the 2quarts add salt and stir frequently while bringing to a boil. Turn down low let cook about an hour or to what ever consistency desired. Today follow the instructions of whatever brand you buy. I loved it when there where left over grits. My momma would pack them into a square "ice box dish" put them in the fridge and we'd slice them the next morning & pan fry 'um. Yum!!

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