Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Red Beans and Rice Recipes

Let's go w/the Monday meal Red Beans with/and Rice; historically Monday was wash day. If one had forgotten to soak the beans over night they took a long time to cook which was perfect as all you had to do was stop by and stir the pot while doing the laundry. Also if by some chance they were fresh it took a bit of time to get them to "cream". These days most people use kidney beans for red beans w/rice but there are actual red beans. They are about two thirds or half the size of kidney beans but if you can't find them kidney beans will do. Red beans w/rice is two incomplete proteins when combined make a full protein so when flavored w/any meat is quite tasty

I prefer Andouille, a spicy, smoked sausage of French origin. I also use a heavy well seasoned cast iron dutch oven to cook my beans. Follow the instructions on whatever type of beans you choose. Also in a separate pot make a "mess o rice" enough to serve the amount of people you're cooking for. If you haven't enough time to let the beans cook until they become creamy there is a short cut. When the beans are cooked somewhat soft, take some out, mash, blend (w/ food processor) that way they can break down completely when added back to the pot of cooked beans making the creamy sauce that is ladled over the rice.


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