Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crayfish boil Recipe

We have boils quite a lot as a result of all the Crustacean family that doesn't swim fast enough to get past our nets. (i.e. shrimp, crabs, etc.) Normally it takes place in someone's back yard; most of us aren't fancy, we cut the top off a drum can & that's our pot over a propane burner. Along w/whichever crustacean & boil seasoning (could be Rex or Zatarains), we toss in small new potatoes w/small pieces of corn on the cob. Some people choose to add other vegetables that can be boiled as well.

It's a fun messy affair that's held outside; one wears clothes that one doesn't mind getting soiled. Here's why, @ the end when whichever crustacean is cooked the entire basket is pulled out of the seasoned water, it's draining while crossing the yard before being dumped on a table covered w/ newspapers. You stake your claim because your entire meal is there @ your finger tips. If you're a native or you wish to act like one you pull off the heads, suck out the juices (seasoned water, fat etc.), then peel & eat the tail meat. Everything is tossed (shells, cobs etc.) back on the newspaper covered table. Why? That's because then clean up is a simple job; one just folds/rolls up the paper w/all the leavings, then into several garbage bags & to the curb it goes .

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