Friday, January 25, 2013

Brioche (old school)

This is from mi Grand Mere's cook book. (remember older than I)
mini fluted
8 cups sifted flour       
1/2 oz. yeast
1/3 cup milk (or water)
1 cup sugar
1/2 Tb salt
1 lb best butter
6-8 eggs
To  make "Brioches" take 4 cups of flour and put in a wooden bread trough. Make a hole in center put in 1/4 oz. (half) yeast (dissolved in warm milk/water, milk makes a richer and more delicate dough). If using milk it should be scalded. (heated to boiling point then allowed to cool to room temp.) Knead/mix the flour with one hand while adding the milk/water with the other. (consistency should be neither too stiff nor soft) When smooth place in owl and set aside in a warm place to rise covered with a cloth. Let the dough rise 5-6 hours (roughly double in size) add reserved flour in which the salt has been sifted. Add the 6 eggs (beaten lightly) with sugar and soften butter. Softening by either bashing the butter into submission with a rolling pin or be kinder and gentler by using a dough scraper to smear it bit at a time across a smooth work surface. (when ready, the butter will be smooth, soft, and still cool not warm) kneading with your hands (adding more eggs if needed for the right consistency) Knead the dough by turning it over onto itself three times. Set aside again, about an hour (covered with cloth) at this time begin to work it lightly and gently with your hands breaking off bits of dough and forming them into egg sized pieces. Pat gently, flatten slightly, take 1/2 the size do the same pace it atop. These can be done individually in prepared pans (cupcake or fluted mini) or together in a larger pan (buttered parchment paper on bottom) Cover and let rise at least another hour or longer. When risen bake at 350-375degrees (depending upon size) If you want the glossy look traditionally seen brush with beaten egg.

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