Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hominy Recipe

Little pillows I called them as a child
Hominy was called the older sister of grits by the Creoles; grits are ground from hominy as well as regular corn. The use was taught to the settlers by the Indians. (I don't know which tribe.) They used to take the dried Indian corn & thrash it 'til the hardened outer germ or hull came off. They would thrash twice, resulting in large white grains which they would bring into the city to sell. When you see yellow hominy only one layer of the hull has been removed. The hominy was boiled in water 'til the great grains were soft. Hominy became a great industry throughout the South. It was a chief food for the Southern Negros; however it found its way to the elegant Creole tables. When cooking hominy soak it overnight in cold water. (1 pint hominy/2 quarts water) Wash it first (cause you're gonna cook in the soaking water) then put into the 2 quarts of cold water to soak. In the morning bring it all to a boil, then allow it to slowly boil. (about 3-4 hours) @ that time it can be served w/butter, salt & pepper or sugar & cream. Little Creole children were raised on La Saccamite as it was called. As that was a lot of work and my momma had a full job load as a secretary, we bought it already prepared in cans. There were a lot of southern brands in the stores then but all I see these days are Spanish/Latin brands. My Gran Dad used hominy grits w/ his liver & onions rather than mashed potatoes. We replaced the hominy for other starches in similar portions as called for in whatever other recipe. such as the hominy salad pictured here.
Hominy salad

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